Thursday, August 15, 2013

Hi all,

Last weekend, August  10th and 11th, the Albuquerque Soaring Association hosted a F3J glider contest at Balloon Fiesta Park.

Below is a link to a video by Don Armstrong of that club featuring our own Dave Shoemaker!

If you would like more information on flying RC gliders, check out the ASA's website at

Here are several of the very nice (and expensive!) gliders waiting to fly.
This shot is of a glider still on its way up the winch line about to disappear into the sun.  The position of the sun and the direction of the wind made for some very exciting launches while I was visiting the event.
And here is Dave Shoemaker (on the right) with Buzz from The ASA hard at work managing a thermal.  At this point his glider must have been 1500 feet in the air.