Sunday, September 15, 2013

Minutes of BARC Meeting 8/20/13


Meeting was called to order at7:16 PM

Eleven members were in attendance.
Treasurers Report:    Report read and approved
Minutes:                      Approved

Old Business:

1. The web site has been moved to the BLOG: John will instruct Barry how to post the minutes to the BLOG for all to read. Eventually we will be able to post pictures, flyers and other things as desired, including offers to sell or buy planes and equipment. Instructions will go out via GoogleGroups.
2. Labor day funfly food and grill assignments were made. John will pick up the Port a Poty. Len and John have voluntered to coordinate the contests.

New Business:

1. Len and Norm discussed the Cochiti Fun Fly. A good time was had by all participants.
2. Winter time or "unofficial" fun flying events will be discussed at next meeting.
3. Dave discussed buying a used field roller to replace the one that was stolen. Further discussions will be needed.
Meeting was adjourned at 8 PM.
A raffle was held for two HobbyKing Anemometers,



Just a reminder that we will have our regular meeting this coming Tuesday, September 17th at the usual place and time.  Also, elections will be coming up so think of who you would like to run the club.  Matt has announced that he will not be an officer next year.  He deserves a break.

Greetings BARC fliers.  I am sorry it has taken me so long to post about the Labor Day Fun Fly.

On Monday, September 2nd, 2013 BARC held a fun fly, contest, and pot luck lunch at the BARC field.  The weather was great.  It started out overcast and cool but that ended all too soon.  But it was nice to have the sun out and it was not windy at all.

We started arriving about 8AM. setting up for food, and marking the field for the contest.  There were a few fun flights and then we held the contest.  Here are the events:

To try to make it more fair we decided that your plane must weigh at least 1.5 lbs.
Timed Taxi race - race 25 feet to the first cone, circle it once, then continue 75 more feet to the second cone, turn around that cone and race back to the start line.

Flying - Take off and fly to the end of the field, turn around and make a straight and level pass back across the center.  You must raise both hands in the air for a count of one one thousand.  Continue to the other end of the field and turn around.
On this pass, complete one roll to the right or left, your choice.  Level off and pat your head with your left hand once before beginning the second roll.  Now complete another roll in the opposite direction and pat your head once again with your left hand.  Continue to the other end of the field and turn around.  
On this pass, complete a loop.  Level off and pat your head with your left hand once.  Now complete a second loop and pat your head once again with your left hand. There will be a 10 second bonus for making one of the loops an outside loop!
Continue to the end of the field, turn around and race back to start point and the clock stops.
You may then take your time and setup for landing and go for the bonus spot landing points. (See below)
Please note that there will be a 10 second penalty if you do not pat your head at each of the appropriate times!
Bomb Drop - We will provide the strap on bomb mechanism and the bombs.  You will have 2 bombs to drop, one per flight.  Take off, fly over the bomb site and drop your bomb into the circle.  Bombs that land outside the circle will not count.  The bomb that lands in the circle closest to the center wins.
 What really happened :-)
The taxi event went great with some fast times turned in.  Clarence won that event.
There was a lot of crazy flying in the flying event.  I think the adrenaline got to us! I had the fastest plane and beat Clarence by something like .38 seconds.
If we had been the ones bombing Saddam he would have been able to sit in a lawn chair and laugh at us.  Not one bomb landed in the 20ft diameter circle, or even on the runway.  Len was declared the winner of that event by almost hitting himself with the bomb and being the closest to the target.
Len also won the overall prize for the day.  He tied with me and then he out guessed me on the secret number Matt chose.
Congrats to all who won and thanks for participating.  It was really fun!
I would like to also apologize to Matt for forgetting him in the contest.  Sorry buddy.
Lastly, I posted the photos I took to our Flickr page.  Go to our photos page here and you will find the link to the photo set.