Saturday, November 16, 2013

Minutes of BARC meeting October 15, 2013

Meeting was called to order at 7: 00 PM
Twelve members were present

Treasurers Report:

Balance and new cash were discussed


Minutes from last meeting were approved without change

Old Business:

Discussed the Saturday, Nov. 2 funfly with breakfasr. Assignments were made for food and other items:
  1. George: Eggs, stove, coffee pot
  2. Dave: Tortillas?salsa
  3. Len/John: Gas
  4. John/Matt: Sausage/Chorrizo
  5. Mike: Porta Potty/ Green chili
  6. Jess: Red chili
  7. Matt: Paper plates
  8. Barry: Forks/Knives
  9. Norm: Cheese/Paper towels
  10. BYOB

New Business:

  1. Discussed getting BARC logo T-shirts from Abel and Willey's in Belen. Minimum 10 shirts needed for discount. Everyone needs to go down and pickout shirt /color etc. In November we will send in our consolidated order.
  2. Discussed making a new roller for the field to replace the stolen one. Many ideas were discussed. Dave will also check on used rollers.
  3. Christmas Party: Dave's "party house" is rented till January. It was recommended to move the party till after Jan. 1st so it could be held at Dave's place. Matt also recommended Sopa's as an outside venue. It was agreed to wait to Jan 18 at Dave's place.
  4. Nominations for Officers:   
President: John/Lee
Vice President: nominations open at next meeting
Treasurer: Dave
Secretary: Barry

Meeting adjourned at 8:04 PM
Raffel held for 4x adhesives and 2x gift certificates.