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Minutes of BARC Meeting 12/17/13

Minutes of BARC Meeting 12/17/13


The meeting was called to orderat 7:04 pm.

10 members were present.

Treasurers Report: Treasury balance was  reported and it was noted that we made a profit of  $151 from raffles this year and have had an increase in treasury of $425.85 YTD.

Minutes were approved

Old Business:

  1. We were given a roller by Mikes son Jim and it does a very nice job on the field. We, however, agreed to use a larger rental roller in the spring to harden the field and subsequently intain it with the new roller.

  2. The New Year FunFly will be held on Wednesday starting at 11-11:30.

  3. We agreed to get 15x  $15 gift certificates from HobbyProz for distribution at the Holiday party.

  4. Dues are to be paid by 3/1/14 and the combination will be changed in February.

  5. Assignment of food and supplies for the funfly was made.

New Business:

  1. Norm was nominated and elected Vice President.

  2. Meeting was adjourned at 7:30.

Raffle: Norm brought 2 planes for the raffle

  1. Low wing electric with power 25 motor  -  Daryl won
  2. Gas powered trainer -  Mike won and sold to Manny for $4

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