Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hi all,
This past Saturday BARC held a fly-in brunch pot luck at the BARC field.  The weather was beautiful!  The food was great!  The company was fantastic!  We even held an impromptu contest and below are the winners of the $15 gift certificates to Hobby Proz, Mike, Norm, and John.

Did I mention that we were the ONLY pilots there! Darrell showed up just in time for food though! (Haha)  And Norm's wife brought us sandwiches.

So what happened to everybody!!!!?????  Seriously folks, let us know why you didn't or couldn't come.  We had fun flying but we were sort of baffled that we were the only ones there.  Better luck next time for a better fly-in.

Also, the contest photo is a joke.  We didn't use any certificates.

See you at the meeting or around the fields, John.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Minutes of April 15 Meeting

Minutes of April 15 Meeting


Meeting was called to order at 7:00PM and 11 members were present.


Treasurer's report: We made $60 from our last raffle. Report accepted.

Minutes: An error was reported on last months minutes, the rent for the church is $100 per year not $50. Minutes will be changed on the blog along with spelling errors.


Old Business:

  1. A Funfly is scheduled for Saturday May 17. It will be a brunch pot luck with flying early. It will start at 8-8:30AM, no contests are planned. If you plan to cook, bring a grill and BYOB.

  2. It was moved to pay for 6 months rent at the church now. the motion passed and a check was written.

  3. Norm will check on the rent for the field which he believes is due in June.

  4. National Model Aviation Day is scheduled for August 16.  We will try to get a table at WalMart for that day. Barry will check with AMA regarding getting insurance for flying at the local high school for that day.

  5. A swap meet was discussed, no conclusion reached.

  6. The Cochiti lake funfly was announced to be in the first or second week in August. Exact date to follow.

  7. John is going to check on what is needed to print up cards to post at Hobby Proz

  8. We will check with Nancy Matthews regarding what to put on the AMA Brick the club is donating in honor of Matt.

New Business:

  1. We need T-posts to repair the fencing at the field. All agreed. Mike will pick these up.

  2. John agreed to to put old pictures and information on to the Blog site.

  3. Norm suggested we have a "show and tell" each meeting to share ideas and techniques. All agreed it was a great idea.

  4. The raffle was discussed and it was changed to a 50%/50% style, w2ith half going to the club.

The meeting was adjourned at 8PM.


  1. Norm