Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hi all,
This past Saturday BARC held a fly-in brunch pot luck at the BARC field.  The weather was beautiful!  The food was great!  The company was fantastic!  We even held an impromptu contest and below are the winners of the $15 gift certificates to Hobby Proz, Mike, Norm, and John.

Did I mention that we were the ONLY pilots there! Darrell showed up just in time for food though! (Haha)  And Norm's wife brought us sandwiches.

So what happened to everybody!!!!?????  Seriously folks, let us know why you didn't or couldn't come.  We had fun flying but we were sort of baffled that we were the only ones there.  Better luck next time for a better fly-in.

Also, the contest photo is a joke.  We didn't use any certificates.

See you at the meeting or around the fields, John.

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