Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Hi all,

First, sorry the minutes of last month's meeting have not been posted yet, Barry has been under the weather and I did not know it.

Last night we tried to have our June BARC meeting but we didn't have enough members present to have an official meeting so we had a "Non-meeting.  Only 6 of us showed up.  WHERE IS EVERYBODY!!!!  I know a couple had medical procedures and one is out of town.  Oh well.  So, Norm let us know he finally got his Super Stearman by Great Planes in the air.  We discussed it being nose heavy when the power was cut.  Mike suggested that maybe it needs some down thrust.  What do you think?

Ralph brought us some soaring videos to take a look at.  We watched part of one and learned about thermals.

We have signed up with the AMA to have an event at Walmart in Los Lunas on August 16th to celebrate National Model Aviation day and collect for the wounded warrior project and we need volunteers.

We are having a breakfast fly in at the BARC field on July 12th.

More details via e-mail.

I hope to see more members at next moths meeting.