Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Minutes of May 20 20014

Minutes of May 20, 2014 Meeting


Meeting was called to order at 7 PM.  Eleven members were present.

Treasurers Report: Mike spent $149 for the following items; $50 for church rent, $67 for weed killer, and $32 for T-posts. We made $25 on the last raffle.

Minutes of the last meeting were accepted

Old Business:

  1. Fun Fly will be posted on the Blog

  2. The rent for the field was paid three years in advance and will need to be renewed in July 2015 @ $1/year.

  3. Saturday August 16 is Model Aviation Day. John is checking into a table at WalMart and the soccer field is in use that day and will not be available to us.

  4. The AMA says we will be covered at the Church field if we choose to use it that day.

  5. A swap meet discussion was tabled for later. Hobby Proz will have a swap meet on June 7 at 9 AM.

  6. Nancee Matthews has agreed on the wording for the "Brick" memorial at AMA.

  7. Show and tell for the next meeting: Ralph has some videos. Future demo of repairing a crashed plane.

  8. Fun Fly at Cochiti Lake  to be scheduled in September for BARC only.

New Business:

  1. A work party was discussed to throw the tumbleweeds over the fence.

  2. We will have a fun fly on July 12, Saturday with pot luck.

  3. The next gym fly is scheduled for June 6

Meeting adjourned at 7:52 PM

A 50/50 raffle was held.