Friday, August 15, 2014

Minutes of BARC Meeting



Meeting was called to order at 7:03 PM and there were 11 members present.

Treasurer's report: No change from last month. Report was accepted.

Minutes: Minutes were read, corrections made and approved.

Old Business:

  1. Fun Fly was held and at least 12 attended. There was good food and companionship as well.
  3. Saturday August 16 is Model Aviation Day. We will have a table at WalMart and the following is the member attendance schedule:
      1. Len and Manny   7-8AM
      2. Norm and Barry  8-9AM
      3. Vic and Dave      9-10AM
      4.   ?????????          10-12AM
  4. One of the people assigned per hour may fly a small plane at the back of WalMart for demonstration purposes. Planes will be displayed to increase intrest in the sport, and money will be raised for the Wounded Warrier Project.
  5. Swap meet was discussed, no interest.
  6. A certificate in honor of "Matt" Matthews will be presented to his wife Nancee in recognition of our donation to the AMA. 
  7. We are looking for demonstrations at each months meetings. John discussed how he fiberglassed a fuselage at this meeting. We also discussed John's recent problems with his transmitter battery and how to evaluate battery status using a voltage meter which applies a load to the battery. Tower Hobby has this kind of tester with loads of 200-500 ma. John will bring his Super Demona sail plane to the next meeting.
  8. A club Fun Fly will be held at Cochiti in August or September. A Fun Fly will be held at the field on September 20 with a breakfast potluck, contests, and awards. We'll meet at 8AM.

New Business:

  1. We are scheduled to fly at the gym on Friday
Meeting was adjourned at 8PM
Raffle was held with an AMA hat  and a Hobby Proz gift card as prizes.