Friday, December 12, 2014

Minutes of November Meeting

Minutes of November Meeting


Dave gave a pictorial review and oral narrative of the fun fly at Cochiti and the scale fly-in at Maloof field before the meeting began.

Meeting called to order at 7:02 PM. Eleven members were present and two guests (one new member applicant).

Minutes were accepted as presented on the BLOG.

Treasurer's Report: It was noted that Ralph made a generous donation to the club, and the report was accepted as read.

Old Business:

  1. Christmas dinner is scheduled for Saturday December 13 at 11:30AM at David and Ginger Shoemaker's home. Eating will begin at at noon. Dave will provide a brisket and rolls, Mike a smoked turkey breast, Manny will bring Coffee, otherwise it is BYOB. Others will provide food as pot-luck.
  2. Changes to the by-laws of the club as discussed at the last meeting were postponed till the January meeting. Please review the by-laws prior to this meeting.
  3. The idea was discussed of lifetime membership and Emeritus status as defined by the number of years of active membership and/or a specific age such as 75 years old. This discussion will be postponed till January.
  4. Marty suggested we keep a sign in sheet for each meeting as proof of quorum and attendees. The list will be kept by the secretary in the minutes book.
  5. A motion was made to wave the membership requirement of 1 year per Article III, sect. 1 , paragraph b for election of secretary in 2015. Vote was unanimous.
  6. As the raffle had been discussed at the last meeting, Dave moved to discuss whether to continue the raffle.
    • It is an important way to raise revenue
    • Format was also discussed: 1-2 large items to be raffeled each year and possibly distributed at the Christmas party. The 50:50 format and club members wishing to raffle old planes, tools, etc. for a fixed fee and the remainder goes to the club were also considered.

New Business:

  1. Dave spent some time discussing safety issues such as assuring the plane is stable before checking the motor indoors.
  2. John discussed the use of fiberglass "mat" to repair the fuselage of a plane. He says it is not hard to do, just time consuming.
  3. Len volunteered to make membership cards.
  4. New Member: Mike Macias was elected.

Elections: The old officers were reelected by acclamation.