Friday, April 24, 2015

Minutes of April BARC Meeting

Minutes of April BARC Meeting

Meeting called to order at 7:03

Members present: 12

Minutes were read by John and the membership accepted them as read.

Treasurer's report: Dave stated that our books agree with the Bank's and the report was accepted.


Old Business:

  1. Fun Fly was set for June 6, Saturday with back up on Sunday if the weather is bad. It will start between 8-8:30 AM with a potluck breakfast-brunch menu. Participants will use our googlegroups account to notify us of their intended dish, drink or supplies to be brought. Barry will send a summary to everyone on the googlegroup list. Contests will be devised by John with gift certificate prizes given out.

  2. On Wednesday Len and Mike sprayed the field. On Sunday the wind was too strong to spray so tumble weeds were thrown over the fence.

New Buainess:

  1. In order to pay the State Corporation fee by electronic check, a change in the club constitution will be needed. This notification of the membership is necessary to inform them for a vote at the next meeting. An additional paragraph (4.1) will be added to the constitution stating electronic payments from the checking account may be made if documented and signed by the treasurer and one other officer.

  2. How to increase new membership was discussed. John suggested he will send out fliers to students at his school. Students younger than 18 y.o. pay nothing to AMA for dues.


  1. John showed his Ugly Stick fuselage post crash and discussed repairs.

  2. Dave asked for help on Friday June 12 @ 11AM for a demo of RC aircraft for school kids. This should last for approx. 1/2 hour.

Meeting adjourned at 8:23

No Raffle held