Saturday, April 22, 2017

April 2017 Meeting

BARC Meeting April 18th, 2017

Meeting called to order at 7:03 P.M.

8 Members were present, no guests.

February meeting minutes were read and accepted.

Our check for the church has been passed along to the appropriate party.

Treasurer's report was read by Mike and approved.

We now have 20 paid members. (If you know of someone who has not paid up-it is NOT too late, let them know and encourage them to come to a meeting and/or go fly with us).


Barry will pass along the State incorporation papers once he receives them in the mail.

AMA has been paid for this year.

Norm will look into the lease dues for the field and report at next meeting.

A FUN FLY has been planned for Saturday May 20th with brunch at 9:30 A.M.


Weed killer needs to be purchased. Dave to buy and will be reimbursed by club. Approved by vote.

Len brought up keeping the roller out at the field in multiple parts, hidden in various locations so as to allow for easier rolling of the field by any member that has a truck. This has been tabled for further discussion at the July meeting.

Our current meeting room will become part of the kitchen. We now have a new meeting room, B9 which will be the next meeting's room.

Meeting called at 7:35 P.M.

See you all next month....