Tuesday, March 20, 2018

BARC meeting minutes for February 20, 2018
The meeting was called to order at 7pm.
There were 7 members and 0 guests present.
There were no minutes from the previous meeting as the secretary resigned.
Dave Shoemaker presented the treasures report.
It was motioned to be accepted by Norm and seconded by Mike.  It was accepted by a majority vote.

Old business. 
Election of officers.  President John Schaaf, Vice President Norm Riggin, and Treasurer ran unopposed.  Dave moved that all except secretary be elected by acclimation, Norm seconded. It was accepted by a majority vote. We are looking for volunteers for club secretary. 
March Funfly on the 24th is still a go. Time and food to be discussed at the March meeting. 
Discussed AMA dues and Club insurance. Dave will call AMA and let us know due dates and about gym insurance. 
New business.
Dave asked should we give money away as a door prize for coming to the meeting because we have some extra money in the bank. Should we have funfly prizes? We talked about spending money on the field. Tabled to discuss again. We are also looking for where to store the tongue for the roller since Dave is moving?
Ralph brought up some Google issues with the Google group.  I think they are fixed and I don't know what was wrong.
Ralph also wants to build a symmetrical sport plane and he was inquiring about what size 4 stroke engine to use instead of a .40 size 2 stroke. An internet search suggested 1.5 times more.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:44 PM.