Tuesday, December 18, 2018

BARC December 2018 Meeting Minutes

BARC December 2018 Meeting Minutes

Called to order at 19:00 hours.
8 members present with no visitors.
October minutes were accepted by majority vote.
No November minutes as we did not have a meeting due to the holiday.
Treasurer's report was read and accepted by majority vote.

Club officer elections were held.
President John, Treasurer Dave and Secretary Tim were all retained.
We did not get a Vice President at this time.

Indoor flying at the middle school gym is still unknown at this time. John has emailed his contact there to express our intentions for 2019. It was voted tonight, based on the school's approval to go ahead and sign the club up with AMA for the additional coverage for the gym. This will speed up the process as we won't have to wait for the next meeting to handle this.

January 1st fun fly will be weather contingent. Lunch (hot meals) for noon time. Bring your own beverage


FAA registration was brought up. https://faadronezone.faa.gov/#/ please log on and do your research. We want to be in compliance so as not to jeopardize our club with the Feds. Look for section 336.

John renewed our website domain again. Thanks John!!! He was reimbursed at the meeting.

Dave let us know that Lee provided some table top covering for the maintenance tables at the field. Dave suggested we wait for warmer weather to rebuild a few of the tables. Thanks LEE !!!!!!

Meeting was adjourned at 19:39 hours.