Tuesday, January 15, 2019

BARC January meeting 2019


19:02 Called to order

Last month's meeting minutes were approved.

Treasurer's report was read and approved.
Check for the church was written out and given to John to present to them for our rent.
AMA club dues have not been paid but our info packet has not arrived yet.
State incorporation due are due. Tim Paid them tonight filing #190-4996 we are good until January 1, 2020


The indoor flying venue is in limbo at the moment. John is trying as best as possible and will update when he knows something.

January 1st fun fly was canceled due to weather. We had a breakfast meeting at Rutillio's in Los Lunas and it was a great time.

Dave mentioned that the AMA website does not show all our members that are associated with the club. Take a few minutes and log into the AMA website and update you club affiliation.

Fence and table repairs have been put on hold until weather conditions improve. Again, thanks to Lee for the materials.


March Fun Fly has been planned for Saturday March 23rd, brunch style. Time will be worked out at next meeting.

Dave motioned that we pay Grace Fellowship for the use of the building. It was passed and check written. (See above).

Our field rental has been paid through 2020.

On a good note: Barry is home from the hospital. Get better soon Barry and hope to see you at the field soon!!!

John mentioned he and his son have a cool virtual reality Playstation flying game. He mentioned he could bring it to the next meeting if we wanted. So please email John and let him know if he should bring it next meeting. Sounds fun to me!!!

Meeting adjourned at 19:48 hours.

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