Tuesday, February 19, 2019

BARC meeting minutes Feb 2019

BARC meeting February 2019

Called to order 19:00
10 members present, no guests
Last month's minutes were accepted (Dave/Norm)
Treasurer's report was read and accepted (Ralph/Len)
Two checks were made out tonight to pay for the club's AMA documents/dues
Indoor flying has resumed and the first get together was a success.
Set for the first and third Fridays of the month from 6 to 10 P.M.
$1.00 landing fee for non club members.
AMA membership is required for all flyers

Saturday March 23rd we have a fun fly scheduled. Breakfast/brunch style. Time will be determined at the next club meeting.

Dave mentioned a flight simulator that was in the last AMA magazine. http://www.rowlhouse.co.uk/PicaSim/

The roller yoke has presumably been stolen from our flying site. John discussed designing a new one that is multi-piece that does not have to be left at the field.

John has updated the club by-laws on our website.

John has gone through the file box and weeded out the excess paper and files.

John brought up the club's tax status. He made mention of several forms that the club needs to file for tax exempt status. Dave C. offered to check with his attorney/former employer to see about further info.

Meeting was called at 19:52.

Officers stayed after to finish the club AMA packet.