Saturday, October 19, 2019

October BARC meeting minutes

BARC meeting 10/15/19
Meeting called to order at 1905

7 members present.
Motion Dave, 2nd Len, passed 
Treasurers report from Dave, no change in the last 2 months.
Current balance is $4391.5 not for \publication.

Old business:Len replaced a table top and submitted a receipt for reimbursement.
Discussing to replace any more table tops and decided no for now.
Friday evening flying at the gym is continuing but at 7PM until February due to volleyball and basketball practice.
No trespassing signs seem to be working.
Len put some slightly used motor oil in the gate lock to lube it.

New business:
Let’s have a fun fly the Saturday before Thanksgiving, November 23rd.
Officer elections:  Dave has volunteered to stay as our Treasurer, John Schaaf has volunteered to stay as President,  John Albu has been nominated for Vice President.  The secretary was not  present and nobody was nominated.

Please note we need a quorum at the November meeting to hold elections.

Mike made a motion to donate $50 to the church, withdrawn.
Ralph made a motion to donate $75 to the church, it was seconded by Mike. Motion passed.

Christmas/New Years gathering was brought up.  Last year we just met for breakfast on New Years Day.  We decided to have a fun fly unless the weather is not good, then we will go out for breakfast instead.  Time to be determined later.

John suggested we have a December meeting but it was discussed and withdrawn.

Ralph motioned to end the meeting, Len seconded at 1943.

NOTE:  Tim will remain on as secretary if everyone will take me.  Thanks.