Monday, November 25, 2019

BARC meeting November 2019

BARC meeting November 2019

Called to order 7:04 PM.

9 members present (including our new member Dave R.-please welcome him).

Treasurer's report was read and accepted.


We had scheduled a fun fly for Saturday the 23rd, it was ultimately cancelled due to weather and possible low attendance.

No Christmas party this year but we did decide to have a New Years day breakfast at Rutilio's in Los Lunas at 8 am. (Tim did stop by and asked it they would be open and the manager said yes they would be open).

All officers were re-elected for the coming year, the VP office ran with no opposition.

Len is going to get two more replacement table tops.

We voted to give Dave R. the rest of this year free on his club dues.

Note: No December meeting.


Len brought up the fact that the secretary published the club's money situtation. It was an accident and will not happen again. Perhaps the club president can ammend the website.

The subject of new members was brought up and how do we attract new members. Perhaps we can brainstorm this at future meeting.

John A. offered to help with the club website. Maybe The president can get together with him and work out the details.

Meeting adjourned 7:22 PM.